The Angels of Herron


The Angels of Herron is a story about a mysteriously abandoned car which serves as the link between two young men separated by time and space. However, like a twilight-zone experience, their lives collide in a most dramatic, emotional, and surrealistic manner.

One of these young men, Robbie, is a typical teen in love with a beautiful young lady, and a really cool car — a 1963 Chevy Impala Super Sport. Unfortunately, his world is shattered by a tragic experience in Vietnam, the consequences of which become the back-story for the rest of the book.

The other young man, Chris, a victim of a domestic cesspool of drugs and dysfunction, wakes up one morning in a strange world. The physical and mental abuse he had endured all of his life, leaves him bitter and planning to commit suicide. His plans are continually interrupted and delayed by fortuitous circumstances that send his young life spiraling into another direction-uncertain, undirected, and full of twists and turns. By a cruel quirk of fate, however, he is forced to bury his past in a way that he had never contemplated, with emotions that he had never experienced, and with an ending he could never have imagined.

It is also a story about a widowed and childless woman thrust suddenly and unexpectedly into the role of a surrogate mother for Chris. Fearfully, cautiously, and prayerfully, she accepts this "cross" but through divine guidance, she perseveres triumphantly.

Lastly, it is a story about a befriended family and a beautiful young lady that warms your heart as she warms Chris' heart. We cheer their budding love and celebrate as it leads Chris out of the dark recesses of despair and into the radiant light of hope.

The love, patience, and friendships that surround Chris like some cosmic shield of armor, are the catalysts that send him unsuspectingly into Robbie's past-Robbie's abandoned car. The mysterious car leads Chris to a future that could only come out of the fantasies of a true romantic. Is the discovery of the car just a quirk of fate, or was it ordained by some higher authority?

The Angels of Herron is a study of raw emotions — of triumph in spite of impossible obstacles and hope over desperation. There is a generous mix of trauma — two untimely deaths, a near fatal accident, plus plenty of intrigue, suspense, romance, desperation, and hope, all cleverly interwoven into the lives of the characters in this book. The distressing times will tug at your heartstrings, but the uplifting events will have you shedding tears and jumping up and down yelling "Yes! Yes! Yes!"