The Ultimatum


The Ultimatum is a work of fiction. Most of the people and events are fictitious; however, I have threaded throughout the book real organizations, real people, real history, and real geographical locations to add reality to the story. This political thriller’s central theme centers around what I feel is the constant threat Islamic radicals are to America, and indeed the entire free world. I curse them every time I stand in a security line before an airplane flight. My consistent and passionate feelings expressed throughout the book have been influenced by my years of witnessing the regularly reported atrocities of al Qaeda, the Taliban, Boko Haram, and ISIS, just to name a few of the more publicized terrorist groups. I wish to express that I have no personal enmity towards Muslims or their Islamic faith, but only toward those who have bastardized their religion into a vicious, murdering, evil crusade—even more tragically, in the name of God, or Allah. I have taken many literary liberties to build a conceptual possibility of the existence and deployment of a nuclear bomb in the hands of terrorists; however, I wish to note that I have no personal expertise in the field of nuclear weapons or Islamic radicalism, and further want to assure my readers that the storyline is fiction and simply a figment of my imagination.

Jim Besaw