The Angels of Herron


I would like to dedicate this book to the thousands of military personnel who are currently serving in the deserts of Afghanistan, Iraq, and many other places throughout the world, as well as those who have gone before them fighting and dying for our freedom since the American Revolutionary War.

They are our heroes-true heroes who sacrifice so much and receive so little recognition. They came from big cities and small towns, from tenement buildings and mansions, without high school diplomas and with doctorate degrees. Most of all, they were just plain folk like you and me, not aspiring to be heroes, but simply having the patriotism, courage, and love of country to put on a uniform and fight to preserve our freedom.

This book is also a dedication to the parents, the siblings, the spouses, the children, and the friends of those heroes. They also sacrificed greatly, waiting for their loved ones to come home, enduring financial hardships, and worst of all, many suffering the loss forever of their loved ones.

The Angels of Herron is a fictional story about a family who suffered much and lost much during the Vietnam War. Albeit fictional, it is the story of thousands of families of every war, of every era, of every country. It's a story about the tragedies that don't make headlines and don't end up on a monument in their home town, but a story about the consequences of war that continue to resonate for many years after the war.

It is to these unsung heroes that I dedicate this book, and the majority of my profits from this book, to one or more military charities specifically created for these military personnel and their families.

God bless them all.

Jim Besaw